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Multiple values in rows and columns calculate based on each categorical values

Hi Everyone, 


I have a fairly complicated task where I need help. I have a task where I have a data about each product data and and how long each department took to complete their task and then compare which department takes longer to complete its task. The issue is based on certain tasks and conditions same department name appears more than one columns or rows.. For example.


Product ID ( unique)Commercial Data Task 1 ( date to complete)Commercial Data Task 1( department)Commercial Data Task2 ( date)Commercial Data Task 2(department)Technical Data task 1( days)Technical DataData Task 1(department)
Apple10 dayssales3 daysmarketing10 dayssales
Orange5 daysIT36 dayssales5IT


So it looks like certain tasks have same department but different times.  So my task is to create a dax to find out how each department performs. in the view it will have lets say commerical data --> all the departments involved in this task and to see which department takes longer to complete their task when compared with other departments in total. The goal is make a visual where shows commerical data departments and comparing their each performance to find out which department takes longer to complete the task. 


I cant use unpivot cause its one table with over 20'000 rows and more than 100+ columns


I hope this is clear enough explaination. If you can help me that would be great. LOOKing forward to hearing from you. 







Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @fusiee_ 

Can you share the expected result in excel to further clarify your needs?

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

The expected result would be like following: 


Sales ( All the sales days summed For commercial data tasks) : 46

Sales ( All the sales summed for Technical Data Tasks: 10 

Total Sales = 56


Same structrue will be for all the departments based.. so we can evaluate how departments doing when compared with other departments under Commercial or Technical Data tasks. 


Looking Forward to hearing from you.





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