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Multiple Hierarchy Drill Down in Matrix Possible?

I was wondering, has anyone been able to get multiple drill downs on a matrix visualization?


Not sure if that wording is quite accurate but I currently have the following hierarchy



I then made a matrix visualization as follows




So currently I am at the top level of the hierarchy - Everything is rolled up into [home_faculty_short_desc]


When I go to the next level in the hierarchy I get the following results




So it went down from [home_faculty_short_desc] to the next level [subect1_subject_desc]


But for the selected "Rows" I have a the hierarchy AND also another column ouac_choice_group_desc


What is happening is that as I drill down, it goes down sequentially. So basically 7 button clicks/drills to get to the ouac_choice_group_desc.


What I was hoping to do is actually like this




So here, I can actually show BOTH [home_faculty_short_desc] and [ouac_choice_group_desc] at the same time. 


As well, when I click on the value AMPD (as shown in the arrow) it not only drills down, but it also retains the Choice column




It seems that I can only drill down and show one column of the drill at a time, OR I can show the current drill level and ALL PRIOR drill levels. 


I guess I was wondering is there anyway I can have multiple rows that I can drill on and show up in the matrix visual?


Not sure if theres something out of the box, or on the marketplace that would work?


Any insight is much appreciated

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This is very simple in Tableau. I don't know why this funcationality is not avilable in Power BI.

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Did it get resolve? I am also looking for similar solution.

@alpaadesh - To be honest I never got this resolved, and as far as I know there hasnt been any updates - Though I am a bit hands off on PBI these days

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In the formatting tab for the matrix, go to Row Headers > +/- icons

There's also a toggle for Stepped Layout 


You can use a combination of the two to get the matrix to function the way you've described.


I'm hoping this solves your problem! Mark this as the solution if it does.

Hi @gauravcd 


I tried that option as suggested and the output is still not working as I was hoping


Right now my [Rows] are set up as follows




So there is one Hierarchy on top of another column











And right below this Hierarchy is another column




What I was hoping to see was BOTH the HOME_FACULTY_SHORT_DESC and also the OUAC_CHOICE_GROUP display at the same time but also have HOME_FACULTY_SHORT_DESC still be drillable


Right now the closest I can get is by NOT using the hierarchy and showing both rows


So this is my first attempt




The two columns on the left are what I was hoping to display BUT in this case HOME_FACULTY_SHORT_DESC is NOT a drillable hierarchy.


When I do try to use a hierarchy for HOME_FACULTY_SHORT_DESC, it looks like it HAS to drill down from top to bottom and show all the values in between. Its either show just the PARENT, or show ALL the children


So with the hierarchy+ OUAC_CHOICE_GROUP when I drill I get the following










Then finally




Its only after going through starting from the top can I drill down to OUAC_CHOICE_GROUP.


So in my current tool (OBIEE) I am able to do the following



The hiearchy in this display is fully broken out AND there is still the OUAC_CHOICE_GROUP column grouping.

I hope that makes sense, as I was really hoping for some ideas/guidance



WE are also looking for  the same functionality .  Waiting for the updates from Power BI.  😞

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