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Most optimized? DIM/Fact or One Large Fact table?

I currently have 1 Fact table (each transaction for every item in every inventory) (1.5 milllion rows) (21 columns)

Dim table (all the info about each item) (300k rows) (33 columns)

Date Table (do not plan to change this table)


I find myself gradually moving new columns (Calculated column using RELATED function) from the DIM table to the Fact because I need to filter on that column or because I need some strange measure that won't work without it belonging to the Fact table (I don't understand that part either, but that's a larger question)


My question is, What would make it faster? 

> Combining the tables with 1 SQL pull before it gets to PBI

> Combining my current queries within PBI into one table

> Keeping it how it is

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Re: Most optimized? DIM/Fact or One Large Fact table?

Power BI works best with a STAR schema consisting of facts and dimensions. Generally speaking you do not need to use RELATED to normalize columns inisde the fact table in order to filter by this column



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