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tmacfrank Frequent Visitor
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Merge columns from two tables



I have two tables A & B.


Table A contains 4 columns: "CID", "Primary tag", "Age" & "Sales"

Table B contains 4 columns: "CID", "Digital tag",  "Age"  & "Sales"


Two tables share common column CID, each CID is unique. The only difference of two tables is that A contains "Primary tag" but B contains "Digital tag"


I want a new table, Table C,

Table C contains 5 columns: "CID", "Primary tag",  "Digital tag", "Age" & "Sales".


in other words, I am trying to append "Digital tag" to Table A, or "Primary tag" to table B. 


"Merge" under Query editor is not working as each table has over 4 million rows, any  DAX codes I can apply to deliver that?


Thanks in advance !!





Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Merge columns from two tables

Hi tmacfrank,


Are the values in column CID same in the two tables? Do they have a relationship with each other like one-many, one-one or many-one? If they have, suppose Table A is on the "one" side, you may create a calculate table using DAX like pattern below:

Merged Table =
    'Merged Table',
    'Table A'[column CID],
    "Primary tag", 'Table A'[Primary tag],
    "Digital tag", RELATED ( 'Table B'[Digital tag] ),
    "Age", 'Table A'[Primary tag],
    "Sales", 'Table A'[Sales]


Jimmy Tao