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Caradryan Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Measure value changes with slicer value

Good Morning,

I created a measure who is divided by the amount total of rows, but i want this value to change when slicer are applied .

example :  without any slicers applied i have 6000 as a total, but when i use one of mine slicer i have an amount equals to 603, so i would like to have my formula divided by 603 and no 6000 .

Here you have my formula : 



Total_of_auth_>15_porcent = ((COUNTX(FILTER(RELATEDTABLE(Query1);[Duration_in_days]>15);Query1[Duration_in_days])) / COUNTX(KEEPFILTERS(Query1);[AMS_CODE])  )


I tried to use the option keepfilter to see if the value change but it does not work .


Here you have a link to see my screen capture :





Thanks you for your time and help