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Measure to ignore filter in gauge

Hi everybody,


i think my problem isn't that hard but anyway i don't find the asolution:

i want to have a gauge which shows the number of people in specific stages in the sales pipeline (so that's the value field) and the max value should show the number of all projects regardless at which stage they are. I get the correct value for the value field by using a page filter, but I don't know how to create the max value (as the filter is activated). So to get the max value, I need to "ignore" the page filter by a measure (with ALL or calculate?) and tried again and again, without success. One more import thing is that one filter should stay activated even for the max value. Anybody an idea how to do this?


Aaaaa3. QualifiyingFALSE30
Bbbbb2. Demand GenerationFALSE5
Cccccc6a. Closed signedTRUE100
Ddddd6. Closed lostTRUE0
Eeeee5. NegotiationFALSE70


Thanks so much in advance!

Kind regards

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Re: Measure to ignore filter in gauge

@newbie12can you share sample data and expected result, to get your answer quickly, please read this blog post

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