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Measure that divides current month and next month

Hello Everyone, 
I'm working in a report of sales and I'm trying to use a measure to calculate days of stock. 

I have one table of sales and other table of stocks. 

Days Of Stock are calculated this way

Days Of Sotck= total sales of last month/total stock of current month. 


I built this measure but it does this operation with current month 

Dias de Inventario = iferror(sum(Consolidado2018[UNIDADES])/sum(StockConsolidado2[PZAS]),0)*30

Consolidado is for the sales of the month and Stock is for the productos in storage. 


I think is importan to mention that I have date table-


Hope you can help me. 

Thank You.   

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Re: Measure that divides current month and next month

See if my Time Intelligence the Hard Way provides a different way of accomplishing what you are going for.

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