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Measure for Inverse of Filter?

I am analysing Contacts who have visited certain Pages (Touchpoints) in a website. Of all the pages of the site, I have 3 that I want to analyse in a filter. These 3 pages are in a separate table. From the Filter of pages I want to create the following measures:


  1. Contacts who have visited pages selected by the Filter
  2. Contacts who have visited pages NOT selected by the filter

The table structure is straightforward:


Filter Touchpoint.PNG


I have managed to create the Measure 'Visited Selected' which is correctly showing contacts who have Events for the selected filters (A) & (C) as shown below, however I can't seem to get the Measure for 'Visited Non-Selected' working.


filter image.PNG



The code I have written for the measure to count contacts who have visited '(B) Player' is below however it is returning 0:


Visited Non-Selected = 

var selected = values( '_Filter Touchpoint'[Touchpoint] )
var allTouchpoint = all( '_Filter Touchpoint'[Touchpoint] )
var notSelected = EXCEPT( allTouchpoint , selected )

var distinctContact = GROUPBY(
                                , Event[Contact Key]
                                , Event[Touchpoint Key]                                
                        , Event[Touchpoint Key] in notSelected
                , "Event Count" , 1
        , Event[Contact Key]
        , "Total Events" , SUMX( CURRENTGROUP() , [Event Count] )

return if( SUMX( distinctContact , [Total Events] ) = [Filter Count] , SUMX( distinctContact , [Total Events] ) , 0 )

Either this code needs some tweaking or a need a very different approach. Can anyone help?



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Take a look at my Inverse Aggregator Quick Measure here:



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