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Max Date in Data from 12 Months Ago



I have a measure that gives me the last date of available data that is then used in other measures:

Last date of data availability = MAX(ItemSales[WkStartDate])
What I need to do is get the same thing but for 12 months earlier. I don't want the same date minus 12 months, I still need a valid [WkStartDate] from my data but from 12 months earlier.
For example if my MAX(ItemSales[WkStartDate]) = 27th June 2022
I don't just want 27th June 2021, as that date doesn't exist as a [WkStartDate] value in my data. In my case, the dates are always a Monday, so I would expect to get 21st June 2021 as that's the highest date available when you take 12 months off the 27th June 2022.
Can anyone please help?
Super User
Super User

@mboucher_rcr , try like


new measure =
var _max1 = MAX(ItemSales[WkStartDate])
var _max = date(year(_max1)-1, Month(_max1) , Day(_max1))
maxx(filter(Allselected(ItemSales), ItemSales[WkStartDate] <=_max) , ItemSales[WkStartDate])

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Thanks for that. I've just tried it and am getting this error: A single value for column 'WkStartDate' in table 'ItemSales' cannot be determined. This can happen when a measure formula refers to a column that contains many values without specifying an aggregation such as min, max, count, or sum...



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