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Matrix - hide column names



Is it possible to hide the names of the columns when displaying a Matrix? They clutter the visual and don't really add anything so I'm hoping I can get rid of them?



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There is no way as such to hide particular column names in your matrix but you can try naming them with " " (i.e blank or space).
Could be used as a workaround.
Or you could just rename your column name with a single character (for e.g "i") and then change its font color as per the background. This would work too 🙂

Hi ,


Is there any solution to this problem ?

I am facing the same issue where i need to hide the column heading. So what i did was i am showing a measure (a text) on top of the coulmn heading. But when i print the report from Power BI service the column heading is also showing even though i have changed the font colors.



My column headings are dynamically changing so that i cannot simply rename the colunm headers.




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I have come across the same requirement and below is the alternate solution i found.


Step1: Go to field formatting and change the font color to your matrix header color and don't forget to select the option "Apply to header". This will hide the text from the header as the text color matches the header color.

Step2: Now the values has the same color as your header, go to Fields tab and under field conditional formatting you can change the color of value to your previous value color.


I know, it has lot of work around, but this is the best solution i can think of as of now. Let me know, if it works!


Thank you,






isn´t it the same as changing to white the header directly?


can you show us a picture example?



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Hi @makcim392 ,


If you change the header to white directly it will hide all the column headers and you wont be able to change the column header color to anything other than white.


With the preceding approach, you will be able to achieve the below output;

Hiding Column Header.PNG

Here I an hiding the column header "Sales" and "Profit". Hope it helps!




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Column headers--> Font Color (White)

@Rachey There isn't an option in the actual formatting options, but you could create a rectangle shape and change it to match your background and just cover the column names... Not optimal, but it would work.

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covering column header with shape doesn't work if visual pinned to dashboard ?



Answer is no


We may actually get some formatting options with the April Update.


So you may (or may not) be able to do this in a few days - 5 days left in April.


Until then Eno1978's suggestion will have to do.

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