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Many to many relationship multiplying

Hi Guys,

I'm building a timesheet summary. In the "Projects" column, I've got a category named "ALL" which means it was time for all projects. The problem is, that manager want to split that category into existing projects.


e.g. Team member John charged:

- 10 hours on project X

- 10 hours on project Y

- 10 hours on project Z

- 10 hours on project ALL - manager wants that 10 "all" hours, to be split into X, Y, and Z on a constant ratio - 0,2 for X; 0,4 for Y; 0,4 for Z

Final outcome should be like

- 10 hours on project X + 0,2 * 10 = 12

- 10 hours on project Y + 0,4 * 10 = 14

- 10 hours on project Z + 0,4 * 10 = 14


Please note that different team members will have different ratios.

As of now, I prepared such mapping for ratios at the top, connected with data inputs at the bottom. Connected through many2many relationship.





However, i've got mind fog and formulas (sumx, calculate) doesn't work. Would you please give me advice on how to handle that correctly?


Community Support
Community Support



Any updates?
If problem still persists, pls let me know.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Janey

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Super User

@Adlu it will be easier if you share pbix or sample data in an excel sheet with the expected output, it is hard to work with the images.



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hi @parry2k I uploaded mentioned data tables below.


Team memberProjectRatioProject_ADJUSTEDFUNDTeamMember&Project
John SmithAll0,2XFund IJohn SmithAll
John SmithAll0,4YFund IIJohn SmithAll
John SmithAll0,4ZFund IIIJohn SmithAll
John SmithX1XFund IJohn SmithX
John SmithY1YFund IIJohn SmithY
John SmithZ1ZFund IIIJohn SmithZ
Team MemberDateProjectRecurring/Non recurringHours TeamMember&Project
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.XRecurrent12 John SmithX
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.YNon-recurrent4 John SmithY
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.ZRecurrent4 John SmithZ
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.AllRecurrent6 John SmithAll
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.XNon-recurrent5 John SmithX
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.YRecurrent5 John SmithY
John Smith2021 September 27.09. - 03.10.ZRecurrent4 John SmithZ
John Smith2021 September 20.09. - 26.09.AllRecurrent40 John SmithAll
John Smith2021 September 13.09. - 19.09.XRecurrent10 John SmithX
John Smith2021 September 13.09. - 19.09.YNon-recurrent5 John SmithY
John Smith2021 September 13.09. - 19.09.ZNon-recurrent16 John SmithZ
John Smith2021 September 06.09. - 12.09.AllNon-recurrent10 John SmithAll
John Smith2021 September 06.09. - 12.09.XRecurrent15 John SmithX
John Smith2021 August 30.08. - 05.09.YNon-recurrent8 John SmithY
John Smith2021 August 30.08. - 05.09.ZRecurrent7 John SmithZ
John Smith2021 August 30.08. - 05.09.AllRecurrent15 John SmithAll

Hi, @Adlu 


Which two fields are related in these two tables? Project and Project?
Please tell me how to distinguish all as x, y, z?  What should the final output look like in visual? Can you display it?


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Janey

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