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Make measure ignore specific filter

This should be simple but I just can’t solve it 🙂
I have a report page with several filters and a measure Amounts = SUM(Table.Amount). Now I’d like Amounts to ignore just one of the filters, a Page filter on Table.ShippingDate. By ignore I mean that Amounts should calculate as if that filter doesn’t exist. How to do this using DAX? I’ve tried everything I can think of using CALCULATE ALL, ALLEXCEPT, FILTER etc. but nothing seem to work.
Can anybody help me?


--- EDIT ---

I've narrowed this problem down something I've illustrated clearly in this Power BI report. Please check it out and see if you can understand why Bookmark 1-problem occurs:


This is not really an issue. It is clearly explained in this article from Alberto. It is happening because of Auto Exist feature in DAX.

Besides, creating a seperate dimension table is not really a workaround, but rather a best practice. A Star Schema is always considered best when working with Power BI Datamodel. This is what makes it more powerful!



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Super User

How about something along the lines of:


ignore filter  ‘column x’= IF(ISFILTERED(‘table[column x]), [measure 1], [measure 2])


if you don’t want to compute [measure 1], you can substitute it for BLANK() for example.

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In doing so, you are also helping me. Thank you!

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Thanks, but I don’t see how ISFILTERED could solve this problem!? Can you illustrate how you’d successfully apply it in the example file I posted above?

Hey buddy, did you solve this problem? I'm facing the same issue on PowerBI, I have two different data segmentation filter (on date columns 'A' and 'B') and I need to completely ignore one of filters on measure, using DAX, because my measure is used on other formulas.


How could we solve this problem?


I think ISFILTERED function doesn't work because regardless of the column 'A' is filtered or not, I need to ignore filter only on that column 'A'.

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Super User

I believe what you want is the Column variant of the ALL function.


ALL (Column[, Column[, …]])Removes all filters from the specified columns in the table; all other filters on other columns in the table still apply. All column arguments must come from the same table.

The ALL(Column) variant is useful when you want to remove the context filters for one or more specific columns and to keep all other context filters.




Measure = CALCULATE([Amounts],ALL(Table[ShippingDate]))

That *should* ignore any filters on Table[ShippingDate] and preserve all other filters.


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Hi again

I thought so too, but in this specific case it doesn't seem to work. I narrowed it down to understand that it has to do with another filter being involved somehow!? I've created a file that illustrates this very easily with bookmarks. (Righ click and "Save link as...")


Download Power BI-file

Hi @Lasselakan,

Please click Format on Home page->Edit interactions->select the None(highlighted in bule line), let the ShippingDate filter does not affect the visual. It will return correct result as follows.


Best Regards,

Unfortunately that’s not a solution for me. I need to solve this in DAX.

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