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Helper I
Helper I

Make an API call/parameter dynamic

Hi people!

Can anybody help me? Pleasee.

I'm having a hard time finding a solution. I've been trying for days

I'm trying to extract data through API. I have an Pedido table. To get the details of this request I need to use a different Rest URL and a mandatory parameter (id) is requested (PedidosDetalhes table). So I thought if it would be possible for me to consult my Pedido table where I have all the id (column). So I would make dynamic this mandatory parameter requested by the API. It is possible to use a List.Generate?



Result I would like to get


Thanks guys


Helper I
Helper I

@lbendlin I made an example file, could you show me how to do this please? I'm having a lot of trouble 

Super User
Super User

Yes, you can do that.  Look at it from the other side. Have a list of IDs and then generate the URL for each ID separately.  Then append the results.


I changed the logic a little bit and this was the result I got. I think I have to use some dynamic form for the id value which is string



Where is the modified URL?  I thought you need to call it for different IDs?



The function id must refer to a list of id that is created by the system. I'm looking for a solution, trying several ways and I still can't get it.


In your table with the IDs add a column based on a custom function. Point to your function and specify the ID as a parameter.

@lbendlin I made an example file, could you show me how to do this please? I'm having a lot of trouble. 

see attached

@lbendlin Now it worked out great. Thank you so much for the help. Many thanks 🙂

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