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Advocate I

Losing Select All when Refreshing Expanded Data Set

Hello! I'm trying to get updated stock data from I utilize the INTRADAY feed so I can visualize stock performance every 30 minutes while the market is open throughout the day. When I'm transforming the JSON data, it comes down with the date/times unexpanded under "Time Series (30min)". So I expand it, which puts all my date/times into columns. Then I do another transformation "Unpivot Other Columns" on the columns I want to keep vs the date columns I want normalized to 1 column containing dates and others containing values.


This is all good, except on the "Expand Time Series (30min)" step, even though it is set to "Select All", it will lose that setting upon refresh of the dataset, and only include the date columns selected previously before refresh. It's making it hard to pull in this data automatically.


Any ideas how I can work around this?

Here is an example of the data source:


Here is a screenshot from within Power BI Desktop. 

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