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Looking for some direction for a complaints database report



   I have a consumer complaints database from which I need to create a report. I don't have any specific directions as to how to display the data, its more on me how I can best visualize this data. My issue is that all the columns are text-based, except for 3. 2 are date columns and 1 a complaint ID. I have nothing else. Below is a brief description of the data:


There are about 20 columns, i have: company, issue, product, date received, date sent to company, submitted via, consumer complaint response, state, zip, and a few similar others. 


Because its mostly text-data, its hard to get counts on certain columns, for example, its difficult to get a count on how many issues have been resolved or how many were open in the past 7 days. Theres no data that I can aggregate. 

I just need some direction as to how I can best visualize this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


AClerk Member

Re: Looking for some direction for a complaints database report


You can format the columns with the relevant data type.

Modeling tab --> Data type

For example, below 2 columns are formated as text. But it is easy to change to date and number accordingly.

2019-02-19 15_11_01-papercut - Remote Desktop Connection.png