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Lingaro Gantt Chart several milestones per project

Does anyone know of a way to show multiple milestones for one project? Currently, it simply mirrors the data structure, which is: 


Project             Milestone                   Date

x                       Sign contract             01-01-2021

x                       Start production        01-02-2021

y                       Project approval        01-04-2021

y                       Deliverable 1             01-05-2021


Tableau does this neatly where it automatically groups the projects and lists the deliverables for each project. Can Power BI something similar? 


I have tried Lingaro that shows it like this: 




I have also the Gantt 2.2.3 by Power BI (I believe it is) but it gets the milestones all wrong. 



Greatly appreciate any help with this 




New Member

Hi Rebecca, 

Been wrestling with this one myself and came across this article which works for Gantt 2.2.3 The trick to the getting the milestones to line up is to make sure you have both a start and end date in your row for the milestone, and no other dates (such as task start date) otherwise the visual picks up the first date it can find. 

Second thing to note is that your data will need repeating rows with the task name the same for each milestone, and then select the Group option (not Parent) as outlined in this post -that will line them up on the same row. 

Solved: Gantt Chart 2.2.0 milestones - Microsoft Power BI Community

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Hi @VahidDM 


Thanks for your reply 


However, it doesn't really solve what I'm looking for. And it gets the milestone dates wrong. 


I've uploaded the work files and Power BI file here: 


What I'm looking for is something like the Lingaro view, but with the milestones grouped together per project and shown on the same bar. So there is only one bar per project. 


Does it make sense? Can you help? 





Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Anonymous 


In Gantt 2.2.3, Add Milestone column to the Task and Milestone, and Date Column to the Start Date.

If you want to group them by project, Add Project Column to the Parent.

Like this:





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Appreciate your Kudos VahidDM_3-1629354615761.png !!

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