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Line and Clustered Column Chart with Target Percentages

Using DirectQuery, I have Plant 1 thru Plant 3 audit compliance data for which I want to show Target Pcts using the Lines on the chart.  For Plant 1 thru Plant 3, I have a SharePoint list with the Plant, a Good Percent, and a Needs Improvement Percent.


I'm having two issues:

1. I'm getting wavy target lines, I'm sure, due to the differing counts of the Sections/Questions when using Average or Minimum.  I'd like to see a target for all Questions/Sections to be the Average of the Plants selected.  So, if Plant 1 and Plant 3 are selected, the target line would show a Good average for all columns of 57.5%.  If only Plant 1 were selected(sliced), we'd see 55% across all columns.  What piece of DAX code would get me in that direction?


2. The resulting Target Lines are hovering about 15% to 20% higher than where they should be on the Y-Axis.  No idea why.


Any suggestions you can give would be most appreciated.


Here is a spreadsheet w/ the data/calculations




Compliance Pct = DIVIDE([Pass],[Pass]+[Fail],0)
Pass = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS(fact_audit_question),dim_audit_form_question_score[Score] = 1)
Fail = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS(fact_audit_question),ABS(dim_audit_form_question_score[Score] <> 1))




LocationSectionQuestionCatScorePassFailCompliance Pct
Plant 1A10A 100010
Plant 1A20A 200010
Plant 1B10B 100010
Plant 1B20B 201101
Plant 1B20B 200010
Plant 1C20C 201101
Plant 1C20C 200010
Plant 1A10A 101101
Plant 1A10A 100010
Plant 1B20B 201101
Plant 1B10B 100010
Plant 1Z10Z 101101
Plant 1Z10Z 100010
Plant 1Z10Z 101100.5
Plant 2A10A 101101
Plant 2B10B 100010
Plant 2B10B 100010
Plant 2B10B 100010
Plant 2B20B 201100.5
Plant 2B20B 201100.5
Plant 2C20C 201100.5
Plant 2C10C 101100.5
Plant 2C20C 201101
Plant 2Z10Z 100010
Plant 2Z10Z 101100.5
Plant 2A10A 101101
Plant 3A20A 200010
Plant 3B20B 201101
Plant 3C10C 100010
Plant 3Z10Z 101101
Plant 3A20A 200010
Plant 3B10B 100010
Plant 3C10C 101100.5
Plant 3Z10Z 101101
Plant 3A10A 100010
Plant 3B20B 200010
Plant 3C20C 201100.5
Plant 3Z10Z 101100.5
Plant 3A10A 101101
Plant 3B20B 200010
Plant 3C20C 201101
Plant 3Z10Z 100010


Plant 155%30%
Plant 250%35%
Plant 360%40%


Pivot Table from the fact_audit_question table

Section / QuestionAvg of Compliance PctPassFail
A 1057.14%43
A 200.00%03
B 100.00%06
B 2050.00%53
C 1033.33%21
C 2066.67%51
Z 1050.00%63

Line and Clustered Column Chart Problem - 20210205.JPG


Thanks again!

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The Good / Improvement data is accessed via an SSAS Tabular Model.  Linked together on Plant Code.


Does that answer your question?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi  @bbollmann  ,


Excuse me, what is the data logic of the dim_target_percent table? How are Good and Improve obtained?


For reports using DirectQuery, there are some restrictions on the use of the Dax function. For related content, please see this link:


Best Regards,

Liu Yang

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I Installed the January 2021 of PBI Desktop, and problem number 2 was resolved

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