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Drewd25 Frequent Visitor
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Leverage M to expand, unpivot, and append each table in a table of tables, Power BI

Hello Everyone,


I have a table containing X list rows.


My goal is the following:


For each list in my table of lists =>

1. Convert each list to a table

2. After converting the current iteration's list to a table, expand that table.

3. After expanding the current row, unpivot it.



I begin here with my table of lists after some initial manipulation



I created a custom function to create a table in each row, and it worked well enough




My thought is that a second custom function could handle processing the expansion and unpivoting of each table, but I'm at a loss for how to proceed. Can any M gurus provide any insight? The goal is to effectively append each of these tables to one another, but only after the previously mentioned manipulations. This is EDGAR data, which is far from easy to work with in my experience.