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WillJansen Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Labels in custom shape map

Hi everyone,


I'm wanting to display lot, roads, parks and mixed use development labels in my custom shape map. I can see the labels in the JSON file when viewed in Notepad++ but they do not appear in PowerBI or an online editor like


Is this something that can be displayed in PowerBI when using a custom shape map and if so does the JSON need to be modified to reflect this?


I've linked to some screenshots to help visualise my dribble.


Kind regards,


Moderator v-caliao-msft

Re: Labels in custom shape map

Hi @WillJansen,


To display labels on your map you would be to have some Lat and Long coordinates for each State. And then create a custom column using the DAX expression like below: 

Column = [Address] & " " & [Store number] & " "& [Store name] 

Then place this column as Location in a GlobeMap.


Please refer to the similar issue.



Charlie Liao

WillJansen Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Labels in custom shape map

Hi @v-caliao-msft,


Thank you for your suggestion, however i don't think this is appropriate for what i am trying to achieve.


It appears i'd need to use the Map visual instead of the Shape Map visual or overlay a Map visual on the existing Shape Map Visual.


The existing Shape Map provides the necessary land break up and and availability status converted to a corresponding colour. We'd like to display the road names and land (lot) numbers within each polygon of the Custom Shape Map to make the Custom Shape Map appear as close to this. I can see the lot number as a tooltip when hovering over the lot (polygon).


I imagine this type of customisation needs to be performed in the TopoJSON file created for the Custom Shape Map. If this is the case can PowerBI display this information embedded into the TopoJSON file?


Kind regards,