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Thomas897 Regular Visitor
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Keep last update of a cell

Hi everyone,


I have a column where are written in how many miles a car needs to go to the car maintenance and I need to make a graph about it. This graph is divided between 4 columns:

  • Maintenance to do
  • To do in 0 < 5 000 miles
  • To do in 5 000 < 15 000 miles
  • To do over 15 000 miles

Each week I receive uptade and sometimes a car go from one colum to another but there is a problem because the car is counted twice.

Do you know how I can keep only the last update of a car ?


Thanks guys Smiley Happy

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Re: Keep last update of a cell

@Thomas897 is it possible to post how your data is stored?  i.e teh table view with an example of how it looks, showing a line where the data falls into both categories?

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