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KPI with buckets

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Hello everyone,


I am tryinig to create a dashboard in Power BI which is already created by my colleage in excel. I have attached the current dashboard on excel. Looks like the excel dashboard has KPIs with several buckets. In the Pending status we have a split on Age ranges. As you can see on the right side each and every range can have its threshold. Please suggest me where do I start creating similar one. I looks at several pages but I could not find anything close to this. I could see someting like barchart based on buckets but we have KPIs here with traffic lights.  I have created variables for each of those bukets like Age1_5, Age6_10 and I am not sure how to proceed now. Please help. Thank you in advance. If exactly similar one is not possible please suggest me a closer one that makes sense to executives.  Btw, the KPIs does not have to be traffic ligtt. It can be anything that shows 3 colors or guages too.


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Re: KPI with buckets

Hi @PowerBIlearner,


I understand that you want to implement KPI table, could you show me your transaction data and data fields? So I could provide suitable solution to achieve it.

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Re: KPI with buckets



Can u please shared some sample data with what that u really looking for sample output.




Don't worry we will do , Cheers dude