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KPI Indicator - color for "None" value does not work

Dear All,


I tried to show black KPI that has no actuals and unfortunately it did not work. Please see below.


Testing scenario 1:


The actual and target value at IE in 2016-12 are both empty – see (1) below.

The KPI set up allows to define color for Good, Neutral , Bad and None – see (2).

The KPI box background color is still green even though it should be black – see (3).







Testing scenario 2:


The data row for IE in 2016-12 does not exist – see (1).

The KPI set up allows to define color for Good, Neutral , Bad and None – see (2).

The KPI box background color is still green even though it should be black – see (3).





Could you tell me if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?





Helper IV
Helper IV

Without any detail behind how you are getting a value for the KPI its difficult to diagnose, but my first thought is have you accounted for the difference between 0 and NULL? If you are using a mathematical function to validate against, it could very well be that there is no data to validate as opposed to a value of 0?

Hi shill1000,


on the SQL query level in Scenario 1 the values for actual and tagert are both NULL. I can change the query however I want, I just need to be able to display black background when there's no data instead of green. I also tried other combinations for actual/target e.g. NULL/zero, zero/zero etc. and I've never got black background.


What are you suggesting to change here in order to achieve black background for "None" value?




Have you tested it with a 0 value instead of Null?


I'd also question how you have a value with no target. In the context why would you report on a sales item that has not value or target? perhaps if you explained the context of the report it would help with a solution.

Yes, I've tested all the combinations of Actual/Target values  - see below zero/zero combination.




From the business perspective it is important to see black color (instead of green/red which suggest that we're dong good/bad) so that the users see that the data for a certain month is missing and they need to provide it.


Do you have any ideas if this is a bug or I'm doing somehting wrong?




Only thing I can suggest is share the detail of the KPI.  Is it a measure and/or coming from the DB source data?

The data source of this KPI is SQL Server database and the query output looks like this:




The underlined row is the source for 2016-12 IE value (both Actuals and Target = NULL in Scenario 1). 


I'm my previous post when I tested zero/zero combination it looked like this:




Please advice.








As I indicated, share the detail of the KPI. Unless we can see the way it's functioning (not just the results) nobody can help you further.

The visual is called "KPI Indicator", the configuration is shown in the below screenshots.





If there's something specific that you want me to share please just explain exactly what you need and I'll provide it to you. I hope this can help ypu replicate the issue and advise.






You're not explaining the source of the KPI. Are you using a measure or getting the KPI as a field from the database? The nature of the KPI will determine the value/data type it is producing and thus how it is being handled by Power BI.

1. I'm getting the fields from the SQL Server database (the Actual and Target columns are visible in the screenshots showing query output which I posted already). I'm not using measure.

2. Then the Actuals and Target fields are being dragged and dropped into the "Actual value" and "Target value" sections of the "KPI Indicator" Fields pane (this is visible in the first screenshot from my previous post).








OK this might need someone who is an expert in Power BI KPI's. I've tried replicating your scenario using the KPI visual and I'm not seeing the same options as you, but I am on the July release (August release not authorised for us yet). It could be a difference between our versions (I'm assuming you are on August release)?


Perhaps if you explain the steps you took to create the KPI visual it would help?


One thought though - you've indicated your KPI is a percentage of target. 0 as a % of 0 is either going to show as 100% or it is going to cause a divide by 0 error. I haven;t been able to replicate your scenario so I can't confirm if it is the former or whether it's gettign an error and thus displaying green because it can't reolve the KPI (divide by 0).



I've also tested the combination of Actual = NULL, Target = 1 to avoid divide by zero and it also displyed green background so it was not the case here.


I'm using a custom visual called "KPI Indicator" version that you can get from Office Store:


The repro steps I've already described in my previous posts as well as sreenshots visualizing the whole set up.


Please let me know how should we proceed now? Is this issue going to be investigated by somebody else now within this topic?










Firstly, it would have helped if you had explained you were using a custom visualisation in the first place, Whether in the Store or not, there may be bugs in the visualisation that need to be reported back to the developer. Given your findings (particularly the 0 and 1 scenario) I'd suggest that's your correct avenue. I believe you have found a bug.


Secondly, I don't think you understand the mechanic here. This is a forum - everyone involved, potentially barring admins and any MS employees that take alook, are responding on a purely voluntary basis. If you want actual support you need to speak to MS themselves, or as in this case most likely, the custom visual developer. Beyond that you are reliant on someone with the right expertise seeing and responding to this thread.



Thanks for trying anyways.


I've posted this issue to

and hope somebody can confirm if this is a bug or it's myself who's doing somenthing wrong.




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