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AFoulk Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

July 2018 Update: Measures not working?

Hello All,

I just downloaded the July 2018 update and now when I open my Desktop file and refresh my data, my measures do not provide results. Has anyone else had this occur? What is the easiest way to correct?


Does the July update make changes to something within query editing that would have messed up something I am not realizing wihtout digging into every part of my model?


Please help! This is a huge deal, it pretty much broke all of my reports. Oddly enough, 2 of about 12 reports actually do show some measure results. I'm wondering if the others tend to feed off complex measure tables and something was changed within the M Language that now messed those up?


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: July 2018 Update: Measures not working?

Hi @AFoulk

I can't reproduce your problem.

Could you give more detailed information?

For example:

What DAX fuction do you use? YTD?

Which visual do you add the measure to?

What is your expected result and what is incorrect? could you show a screenshot?


Best Regards


AFoulk Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: July 2018 Update: Measures not working?

Before Refresh


After Refresh


I have a Measure Table using a Variable using CALCULATETABLE, that is then contained in a SUMMARIZE


The results measure feeding off of this table is just using a CALCULATE containing a SUM and a few filters.


As you can see, there are results before the refresh, then once I refresh on my July 2018 updated version of BI, those results go blank.


Since this all occured last week, I have uninstalled Power BI and reinstalled the June 2018 version until I can get some answers about this.