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Issues with aggregating a measure.



I am experiencing very weird issue while analyzing the data from SSAS Tabular Model Cube chained (or linked if you prefer) measures.

Please allow me to use an example:


I do have a table with project budgets and columns Client Budget and Investment Budget. In this table in the cube I created three measures:


MeasureA := SUM([Client Budget])

MeasureB := SUM([Investment Budget])

MeasureC := MeasureA + MeasureB


My table with budgets has a reference to project dimension so I can slice this data by for example project name. In PowerBI desktop I have created a table with following columns: Project name|MeasureA|MeasureB|MeasureC and I am experiencing following issue - whenever I refresh the data with Refresh button (data in DB and cube is not changing, just refreshing the report view) results of MeasureC are different instead of being a sum of Measures A and B all the time. Weirdly every time I hit refresh MeasureC is either 

- 0

- equal MeasureA

- equal MeasureB

- correct and equal a sum


When I connect to the cube through power pivot or directly from SSMS browser the values are always correct which is leading me to believe that formulas are correct and something is off with the PowerBI desktop.


Community Champion
Community Champion

@kstaszak My guess would be that you have either got some filtering applied on the project name or in the cube measures are in a seperate table ie giving you sum of all the values in column but in pbi desktop when you import it along with project names, sum is only returning values where there is a project name association.


What I would suggest you do is in power bi desktop import both the tables first ie seperate projects table and seperate measures table and then create realationship between then and then check measure values.

Hi @ankitpatira, thank you for the response, however this one does not solve my problem. I do not have additional filters, also my schema is already structer as a star schema, so there is a dimensions table and a relation to the table where my  measures are. The schema and relations are fine since the measures are working properly in other clients apart from PowerBi desktop.



I haven't reproduced your issue. No matter how I refresh the data, all three measures always show correct values. Please update your Power BI Desktop into latest version and try again.





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