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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Is there anyway to show mutiple measures on different years

i have the requiremnt like in below where i need to show the two mesaures on different years using line chart . Is there any possible way to achieve it?




here if you see above screenshot i have two measures and three fiscal years currently i have differentiated by years like year+month .since i was not able to different on categorical year on the top with the quateters .I was able to do with single measure but not with two measures . Is there any way to achieve this?

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Hey @adithyanaini 

I dont see a reason why not.

What's the exact issue you encounter?

2019-07-10 08_51_12-Window.png





@Anonymous : Yes if you see at year level i was able to do . But when i drill to quarter and month level i need the split based on year  with two measures . Something like below but i have currently only one measure . Hope yu got it?





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I did not get it.

It will help if you provide sample data and/or your PBIX file.



date    sales              purchase


10/2/2019         20                       10

10/3/2019        30                         5

10/2/2018         45                      3

10/1/2017                   34             4


with the above data i need to show the sales and purchase with drill down to year ,qurter and month . At the year level i can show the sum(sales),sum(purchase) . But when i drill to quarter and month i need the categorization with year


label : 2017,2018,2019           and  y axis : measure values   and x axis : q1,q2,q3,q4


But currently i was not able to develop this view . Is there any other way to better represent this view with two measures with drill down  feature?


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