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Is it possible to extract filterable properties from a text field containing a json object?

I have some metadata describing some servers that I need to do some live statistics of. The meta is just a JSON object with properties like "server-uuid":"jklsdfjklsdjfdkl","server-nickname":"NGINX-FW_2" etc.

I would like to do some filtering etc. based upon properties in the json object without having to create a table that matches the the properties.
Is Power-BI able to a analyse a column with JSON objects for properties and match against the values or do I have to do a manual splitting into a support table with FK-PK relations to get the properties exposed.


Jes R


Hi @Laro88,


I believe it should be possible. Could you post some sample/mock data and the expected result against it, so that we can better assist on this issue? Smiley Happy



There seems to be no proper support for JSON in Power BI - at least not in any well documented way.


The solution was to use SQL servers JSON support and put this into a view accessible from power bi

, JSON_VALUE(json, '$.cloudinfo_uuid') AS cloduinfo_uuid, JSON_VALUE(json, '$.cloudinfo_name') AS cloduinfo_name


A view is also nice for pre mangling the data like merger of two columns into one as done here (extra data but no PowerBI handling and mangling).

SELECT Id, identifierid, ts, statusgroup, ident, keyname, value, statusgroup + '-' + ident AS sgandident
FROM     dbo.[statistics]



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