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Is it necessary to install R and R studio to view graphs in Power BI

Is it necessary to install R and R studio to view graphs in Power BI? One of the colleagues, whom I am sharing my Power BI report doesnot have R installed in that PC. It throws this error. 



Is there any way we can see the R graphs in Power BI without installing R programming into the system. Or is it necessary to install R language into the system to view the all the graphs generated from R in Power BI?


Here is the code:

# The following code to create a dataframe and remove duplicated rows is always executed and acts as a preamble for your script:

# dataset <- data.frame(PrimResult, DupResult, Element)
# dataset <- unique(dataset)

# Paste or type your script code here:
if (!require("tidyverse"))
install.packages("tidyverse", repos = "")
if (!require("ggplot2"))
install.packages("ggplot2", repos = "")

#dataset[] = 0
#qqplot(my_data$PrimResult.Theoretical., my_data$DupResult.Practical.,
# )

## - QQplots in GGPlot2
dataset %>%
theoretical = PrimResult,
sample = log(DupResult)
)) +
stat_qq() +
stat_qq_line() +
labs(title = "QQplots", caption = "X-axis logged") +
ylab("Theoretical") +

 If you want R to work in Power BI desktop, you have to install it separately.

if you publish the report to, it will work without installing R in the desktop (mostly)

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

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