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Kenan_Jaddeny Frequent Visitor
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Is Microsoft Power BI authorized to use as analytic tool would be integrated with SAP Business One?

Hello Everyone!

We're using SAP Business One as an ERP System, and we want to implement Microsoft Power BI project with SAP Business One, that's will be integrated with SAP Business One (SQL Server Database), but unfortunately, I didn't find anything on the internet about if SAP authorized use Power BI as analytic tool, that's will not be integrated directly with SAP Business One but with SQL Server.

Thanks in advance.


JBoham New Member
New Member

Re: Is Microsoft Power BI authorized to use as analytic tool would be integrated with SAP Business O

Hi Kenan,


I have the same question as you have. Did you have received a solution foor getting data out of SAP Business one to use trhe data with Power BI?


Kind regards,


Kenan_Jaddeny Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Is Microsoft Power BI authorized to use as analytic tool would be integrated with SAP Business O

Hi JBoham, kindly find below what I've got about this issue.




We’re using Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) as a professional Analytic Tool, we connect it directly to the SQL Database through specific required queries we want, regarding we’re using SAP Business One with SQL Server not HANA (currently), but we do want to know if what we’re doing is LEGAL, does SAP authorize using this third-party tool with its technology??, does integrate this tool with database affects (SAP Business One – SQL Database) performance to be slower or functioning improperly?


First of all, is there any partnership between SAP and Microsoft?

Microsoft and SAP Join Forces to Give Customers a Trusted Path to Digital Transformation in the Cloud

From the beginning of the start, Microsoft and SAP has always worked together in amazing way, their cooperation appears in;

  • SAP Business One (SQL Server) > Microsoft SQL Server
  • SAP Business One (HANA Server) > Microsoft Azure. Here!
  • SAP Business Objects > Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Query, Microsoft Pivot Tables
  • SAP Business Objects > Microsoft Power BI. Here!
  • SAP Business ByDesign > Microsoft Power BI. Here!
  • SAP Business Warehouse System > Microsoft Power BI. Here!

For more information; SAP-Microsoft Partnership
and kindly find attached the Microsoft BI-SAP white paper.
also you may find attached the complete presentation from Microsoft side about connecting with SAP.


Why using MS Power BI and don’t use SAP BI (Crystal Reports-CR)?!

Cons of Crystal Reports-CR

  • Licensing Model is Confusing
    CR licensing model is confusing. There are a lot of product SKUs, many versions and a number of features.
    For example, you license the server, but then you need to get user licenses on the server. Then there are add-ons. You need mobile user licenses for the server, plus you must license a designer tool to build reports and license a designer tool to build dashboards.
  • Costs
    Must buy the version which allows you to install run time components in end user PC
    you’re spending much more than the initial $495 for each single user.
  • Can I use Crystal Reports and read them without having an SAP-CR License?
  • Can I use Crystal Reports and read them on the go?
    No, you have to open your work-machine, and run your system (SAP Business One), then search for the information that you want in poor, inappropriate appearance.
  • Poor Customer Support
    A quick Google search reveals SAP has their work cut out for them when it comes to customer service. One reason SAP may have poor customer support ratings is that they frequently buy companies and integrate their products- keeping up with all the new technology is challenging for the customer service team.
  • Weak Data Security and data governance
    Security is built into the report itself, so when you need a report for two different audiences, the developer must modify the security settings for each report- in effect duplicating the report for each person. Not only is this time consuming (and thus costly) it also presents a security risk.
    If we have 100 pages report then crystal will need to process all pages and then it shows the output.


Pros of Microsoft Power BI

  • Costs
    $9.99 per user per month.
  • Data Security
    we can design security levels as much as we want, without any need for any complexity.
    Empower your team to make quick, confident decisions with a single view of your business. Power BI Groups lets you collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that everyone uses the right data.
  • Can we use Power BI Reports on the go and without affording SAP Licenses costs?
    Yes, MS Power BI is web-based Service, that allows you to have any detail that you want on the go, without any need to get back to your accountant and ask them for what you want.
  • All your data, wherever it is
    Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data, and on-premises databases — no matter where your data lives or what form it’s in, you get a holistic view of the key metrics for your business.
    Can Combine data from ERP system (SAP Business One, Oracle, QuickBooks, …), with E-Commerce Data (Magento, Shopify, …), Point of Sale-POS systems (QuickBooks, Shopify, Magento, iVend, …).
  • Be informed, always real time
    Instantly know when your business needs your attention with real-time Power BI dashboards. Solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.
    your dashboard, reports are up-to-date on each required second.
  • Share your insights on your website or blog
    Tell your data story with Power BI publish to web, and reach millions of users on any device, in any place. Combine your data sources, create stunning visualizations with ease, and embed your story on your website in minutes.


Pros and Cons of SAP Crystal Reports

Microsoft Power BI Features

Microsoft Power BI Pricing

SAP Crystal Reports Pricing  



For that using MS Power BI as Analytical Tool beside SAP Business One as ERP System, is legal and authorized by SAP itself.
Doesn’t affect the performance of SAP Business One or the Database.
for example; we have 10 active users on Power BI service who get their required information in most professional way, with total monthly cost $100 !!!, but if we implement SAP Crystal Report that would cost us at least $7,500 initial cost beside the annual fees, and overall, you get your information in bad way, just from your work-machine, can’t reach it on the go, difficulties handling with the interfaces.

It’s really cool to have the biggest brands in the world (Microsoft – SAP) work together side by side to provide us whatever we want on whichever we need.


Hope this article was helpful.

Best Regards.


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