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sbandaru Frequent Visitor
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Invalid MDX identifier issue while connecting to SAPBW with DateKey


Hi all,


I am facing a MDX identifier issue while trying to access SAP BW cube which has key date value as mandatory parameter. I've tried with all possible date formats like MMDDYYYY,mm/dd/yyyy,mm-dd-yyyy,mm.dd.yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd etc., but couldnt resolve this issue. In a confusion whether it is power bi compatibility issue or SAPBW issue. This cube works fine with BEx analyser in Excel. As there is no date picker in powerbi i am not able to understand which date format should be used for sapbw key parameter. Kindly help me with this one.  




Thanks & Regards,

Sudheer B.

Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Invalid MDX identifier issue while connecting to SAPBW with DateKey



What's the underlying MDX? Have you checked what the date member looks like? Did you use STRTOMEMBER() function to convert it into member?


Please format the date based on date member string so that it can be concatenated and converted into a member. For example, the date member in AdventureWorks sample is like "[Date].[Calendar].[Date].&[20050113]", so you can format your date into "yyyymmdd".





sbandaru Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Invalid MDX identifier issue while connecting to SAPBW with DateKey


Thanks for the response. I observed that Date member is in YYYYMMDD format. Still it is throwing same error.  As i mentioned in my post, I've  tried all possbile date formats whatever is accepted by microsoft, but couldnt fix it. 


In another instance, I've encountered a new problem while trying to retrieve CustomerID which is a KEY value in SAP cube. in further investigation came to know that Power bi is unable to detect KEY value from SAP BW Cube. It retrieves only TEXT Value/Label (i.e., customer name in my case)of the KEY value(customerID).  So I am in an assumption that this issue is someway related to that DATEKEY parameter as DATEKEY dont have any TEXT value in SAPBW. Also assuming that SAPBW is comparing TEXT value(date) passed as parameter from powerbi with KEYVALUE in SAPBW and returning an error. Kindly correct me if I am wrong. 



Sudhee B.