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Helper V

Intellisense Not Showing Table Column in Measure Formula?

So I am new to Power BI and am still learning the language.


Early on, I sort of just "trusted" Intellisense and didnt question it very much on how it worked but I just came across something and just wanted to finally ask my silly question 🙂


Using a very simple example, I have a table with one single column and row inside of it



Now, I am just playing around and trying to use the FORMAT function.


I create a calculated column by right clicking on the table and selecting "New Column"




I start to type out my formula [ Column = FORMAT(DATE..... ] and intellisense picks up the table/table column as shown




Now when I repeat the same steps but this time create "New Measure" intellisense does NOT pick up the table or column?



I know Intellisense is supposed to be "smart" enough to know when to suggest certain things, so it makes our lives easier coding. But I was just curious in this case, I am typing out the exact same basic formula with the only difference being that one is in a calculated column, and another is in a measure.


So why would Intellisense not let me choose the table/column in a measure?


I have noticed also in the past that at times when typing certain formulas that intellisense would "sometimes" show columns, and "sometimes" it would not.


I just wanted to understand a bit more "why" intellisense would show or not show columns when typing a formula? 


Thanks in advance for any help or insight

Helper I
Helper I



Format requires single value as an input - you will be not able to use column. It will work only on aggregated value (for example on effect of Calculation formula). If you try to type: format(max([Date)), then it will work.


It works on column because in the column you receive one value per each row, but not in a measure - this takes whole table/column as an input (until you aggregate) and that is one of the basic differences between column and measure formulas.


Best regards,

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