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GCH_Ryan Frequent Visitor
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Indicate where a selection from a slicer would fall on a static chart

I am attempting to create a scorecard that can show where a filtered value lands within the range of an otherwise static chart. Here is an example of what I am trying to create:


static columns.JPG


I was able to create the static range by using the following table table.JPG



In a Stacked Column chart, the ID column is used for the X-axis and the value (saved trees, percentage, carbon mitigated) is used to create the columns.











Each of the values inside of the arrow is a small card that is sliced from a seperate data source in which each row represents data from different projects. 

data source.JPG

Currently, I have to move the value to it's appropriate location on the static chart. Is it possible to automate this based on my slicer selection (Unit Code in the table to the right)? From my research, it doesn't look like there is an out of the box solution but it seems like I may be able to hack together a solution from two seperate visuals. One idea I had was to copy and paste the static chart on top of it's self and in the second chart, change the value to the associated column in my project data source. Then the data colors and data labels could be manipulated to show my singular value over the static range. My issue is trying to determine how I can slide that value along the x and y axis so that it displays in the appropriate position, in relation to the static range. I feel like it may have something to do with creating a relationship between the value in the table for the static range and the value in the project data source but since they values aren't exact matches, I'm unsure how to make that work. 


I'm open to any method for how I can get a sliced value to appear within the static graph 

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Indicate where a selection from a slicer would fall on a static chart



You may check if the following post helps.

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