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MPL Visitor

Re: Incorrect map location

I am not getting the following two cities to map correctly:

Springfield, Missouri, USA

Columbia, Missouri, USA


Regardless if I combine city, state, and country into a single field and categorize it as City, or have separate fields with their own respective categories, the locations are not being mapped correctly.


When combining them into a single field neither one shows up on the map.  Separate fields places Springfield in Illinois and Columbia in South Carolina.


After further testing, I was able to get the two cities to map correctly when combining city, state and country into a single field as shown above and setting the category to either Place or Continent.  Neither seems appropriate, but they worked.

CharlesK Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Incorrect map location

Jesus!! this worked like gold!!

i'm in Kenya so Maps couldnt find aaaany of my towns....

so i read this and did it kinda half assed...

i put "Kenya-" infront of every town name.

it found each and every single town!!!!!

Kudos sir.