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chronis69 Member

Implicit vs explicit measures and records



I've watched a video saying that it is always recommended that one uses explicit meassures rather than implicit.


My problem is that when I use explicit measaures, I loose the ability to drill down to specific records. For example, assume that a table has


<customer>, <sales_value>


I do a pivot table to have the average_sales_value per customer using the <sales_value> field of the table, I can right click on each value and have the option to see the specific records that drive that value.


HOWEVER, if I define an explicit record i.e. AVG_sales_Value = AVERAGE([sales_value]) and drag that meassure in the pivot table, then the option "show records" is not available!!


Is there a solution for that? diging to specific records when analysing data is essential in order to understand outliers.


thank you in advance



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Re: Implicit vs explicit measures and records

Hmm, you are correct. What video were you watching? I'm guessing that it is a "best practice" because of one or two specific scenarios that probably aren't covered by what you are doing.

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chronis69 Member

Re: Implicit vs explicit measures and records

I'm referring to this one


is there a way to be able to display records when using an explicit filter? There are cases when the meassure is more complicated and one can't get away with the implicit meassure