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Re: If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want

This can now be done in DAX with the CONTAINSSTRING function:

MyCalculatedColumn = If(CONTAINSSTRING([TARGETCOLUMN];"searchforthis");TRUE();FALSE())
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Re: If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want

Hi, I have the same problem. I needed to classify these texts as "recordable" if not "non recordable"... 

these are recordable



Lost time

Medical treatment beyond first aid

Restricted work case




my syntax goes like this.


Recordable Injuries IF(Injuriesver2[Severity]="Fatality",IF(Injuriesver2[Severity]="Irreversible",IF(Injuriesver2[Severity]="Lost time",IF(Injuriesver2[Severity]="Medical treatment beyond first aid",IF(Injuriesver2[Severity]="Restricted work case","Recordable","Non-recordable")))))


Super User IV
Super User IV

Re: If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want


Prepare a simple 2 column table with Text entries in the first column and Category in a second column.  The second column should have Recordable and Non-recordable.  Thereafter, build a relationship from the text column of your base data to the text column of thsi new 2 column dataset.  Write the =RELATED('Table2'[Category]) calculated column formula to fetch data from the Category column to Table1.

Hope this helps.

Ashish Mathur

Re: If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want

@PHEstaciMa1  based on your details , i have framed a small table  with One Column as Severity and other is a calculated Column 'Category' and used below formula to get desired output.

Category =
IF(('Table'[Severity]="Fatality" ||
'Table'[Severity]="Irreversible" ||
'Table'[Severity]="Lost time" ||
'Table'[Severity]="Medical treatment beyond first aid" ||
  'Table'[Severity]="Restricted work case"),
attaching the result snapshot for reference.
let me know whether it solved your issue.


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Re: If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want

I know this is quite old, but this is the closest thread I came to solving what I think is the same need I had, but the proposed solutipms don't solve it. My use case - I have Table A, which has column X, and Table B, which has columns Y and Z. I want to do a fuzzy match on 'Table A'[X] against 'Table B'[Y] and return the value in 'Table B'[Z], so basically a LOOKUPVALUE using search.


In my example, Table A is called "Merged NPA5 and JIRA Query" and column X is "NPAID". Table B is called "FakeJira" and columns Y and Z are, respectively, "External Ticket Id" and "Value To Return". So it looks like this:


Merged NPA5 and JIRA Query:





And this is the result I wanted, where it can find a reference within External Ticket ID, but also handle blanks and duplicates, so gets this as a result:



Here's the query:
LookupBasedJiraID = FIRSTNONBLANK(selectcolumns(filter(FakeJira,search('Merged NPA5 and JIRA Query'[NPAID],FakeJira[External Ticket Id],,0)),"MyColumn",FakeJira[Value To Return]),TRUE())


The only thing now is to sort in the case where there's a duplicate, but that'll be trivial based on some other data.


Anyway, hope this helps - I think this is what the original requestor might have been wanting to do.




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