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If Statement Help

Hello Community,

Thank you for your help! This should be a quick one. 


I am working on an AR Aging report. I have a 'Cust. Name" column in Sheet1 and another sheet called "Collector". We have 3 collectors: Collector 1 is responsible for Cust. Names that start with a certain letter, Collector 2 is responsible for Cust. Names that start with a certain letter, and the same with Collector 3. 


Well, we have introduced a "Contractor". This Contractor is responsible for 3 specific Cust. Names.


Here is how I am assigning a "First Letter" to a Collector... Here's a screenshot of my "Collector" sheet.

Collector Sheet.png


Then a created a Letter column in my Sheet1 with using the formula Letter = LEFT([Cust. Name],1)

cust name.png


So my end result is working:



What do I need to do to "override" this and give the Contractor access to her 3 Customers? I was thinking of creating another Table and calling it "Contractor" with a Contractor Column and a Cust. Name column. But how would I relate everything? 







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Re: If Statement Help


I would probably use an if statement to give the customer initial a special character and then assign that character to the contractor.

for example, if [CustomerName] is "Pete Smith" then "*" else if [CustomerName] is "Greg Jones" then "&" else [First Letter]

Of course you will need to work on that if statement. I have limited screen acces right now and your images do not work on my mobile so I can't see if you are doing this in query editor or DAX.