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ISFILTERED function not working when select all is selected in a slicer

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I have created a measure, IsFiltered = ISFILTERED(Sheet1[Column1]). ISFILTERED() is returning TRUE when I select one or more values in the slicer which is expected behaviour. But when I select 'Select All' checkbox, it is returning FALSE which is incorrect bahaviour.


When nothing is selected and when 'Select All' is checked, this function is returning FALSE. I want to differentiate between these to cases. I am basically looking for a measure which can tell me if a value is selected in the slicer or not.


I have tried using COUNTROWS & ALLSELECTED as well to try and differentiate between 'Select All' checkbox and no selection, but these two functions are returning teh same values in both the cases.


Can someone please help if we can create such a measure in Power BI ?

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@sundeep579 Hi Sundeep,


Did you ever get a solution for this issue from Power BI team ? If not, Could you please tell me how did you sorted this out from your end ? 


I am also facing this issue.  I have a requirement to show data in charts only when we apply filters. However, Select ALL and Select None reacts in same way which should not be the case. 


Could you please help me how you were able to fix this issue ?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @sundeep579,


>>Can someone please help if we can create such a measure in Power BI ?

Current ISFILTERED function can't find out the difference between allselect and unselect. ISFILTERED function will check the original column and current column, return "true" if they are not same



Xiaoxin sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Any inputs on how to resolve this?

ISFILTERED doesn't understand the difference between all values selected and no values selected.



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