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Advocate I
Advocate I

I want Export data of matrix visual in matrix form not in tabular form.

I am using matix visual, with fields ( Row = Member name, column = Date and value = Spent hours ) and i am getting the data  in matrix format perfectly (in power BI desktop/ services). But when I export the same to excel, I get it in tabular form. Is it possible to get the excel file in the same format as showing in power bi desktop/services( matrix form).


making a pivot out of averages (calculated in PBI) make an average of averages instead of average of everything.. if it makes sence


not what i expected

New Member


The best feature of this workaround is the use of PowerBI Publisher.

Where you need to connect and the data model to the excel and make the report in excel.


For any other reference, please check how PowerBI Publisher works.

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Hi all,


I wrote an in depth blog on this topic on my blog here:


Ultimately, this is a feature miss that Microsoft tried to stopgap with bolting on SSRS to Power BI in the form of paginated reports, and the workarounds are ugly and scary. It could be an opportunity to productize a hacky solution, but honestly I think that Microsoft needs to address this one, and I'll beat the drum for that.

Advocate III
Advocate III

I was able to export my pretty matrix visual by doing the following:

1. Created a table visual.

2. Created measures using calculate and filter to match the columns that were in the original matrix table.

3. Exported Data using elipses in upper right of table visual.

Can you share your example with the link. Tried doing that but couldn't

There are many custom visuals that other companies have created. I honestly cannot believe that neither Microsoft nor any other company have created a version of the matrix visual that can export to Excel while retaining the row hierarchy levels and column groups, as SSRS does.

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Hi Eyles,


I explored this and mentioned it briefly on the 4 part blog I wrote and posted to this forum. This is by design because custom visualizations utilize the Javascript API and the Javascript API has this limitation. Microsoft has to choose to "limit break" this.

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To resolve this I did the following:

  1. Created Measures for each column in the Matrix visual. 
  2. Used a Table visual instead of Matrix.
  3. exported data from table

I made a demo video here:


check out this video for a workaround:

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