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Helper II
Helper II

I need dynamic titles for visualization drill down sub reports

I've tried wriring a Measure but it does not really pull the date, just shows the text in the quotes mostly. powerbi_drill_down_title.jpgpowerbi_drill_down_title2.jpg


AppointmentTitle =
var ApptDates = SELECTEDVALUE(ApptsNext7Days[ApptDate].[Day],"ApptDay")
"Appointments for Date of " & ApptDates
Helper II
Helper II

Thank you for the reply. It would not be best for me to share the pbix at this point. I was just hoping that this would be a fairly simple solution. If I have a date on top or parent level and select that date, I just want it to somehow reflect in the drill down that shows the detail for that date. Just want to know how to dynamically assign a title to the drill down. Some kins of DAX I'm assuming? Thanks

I didn't ask for your original pbix. But without sample data that illustrates the issue it is hard to provide guidance.

What is the best way to provide what you request? Fairly new to Power BI so still a little confused as to why some things that should be so easy are not. 🙂 


Create a copy of your pbix. strip out all data that is not relevant for the issue.  Remove/mask any PII.  Post the pbix on your favorite file share service.

Thank you but this just seems like such a very simple problem and I've included multiple screenshots showing the data.  Sharing out my pbix to a file share system is more than I anticipated. I have a date column that drills down to detail for that date and I want the title to just show the original date drilled down to. If this is that complicated then maybe Power BI isn't all that great of an application. 

Helper II
Helper II

When you click on a date it drills down into the detail but the title does not reference anything to do with the date that the user is looking at in the drill down. I need the ability to change all titles on all drill downs in general to reference what is being reviewed in that drill down rather than the title from the parent page/visualization. If you hover over the detail it does show the date you are on but the title does not. 

Would you be able to share a sample PBIX ?

Super User
Super User

Please provide a more detailed explanation of what you are aiming to achieve. What have you tried and where you are stuck?

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