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Helper III
Helper III

How to write DAX to find count of teams with only passed status?

Hi All,

I am looking for a DAX help in the below scenario:

Find the no. of teams which has only "Passed" status.

Success count = CALCULATE(DISTINCTCOUNT('Summerize table'[Team]),FILTER('Summerize table','Summerize table'[Status]="Passed" && 'Summerize table'[Status]<>"Failed" ) )
Which is giving total count=5, It should be 2.

Thanks in Advance



Thank you so much Perry for your response.

But it is giving me 1 for different scenarios i tested, as distinct count for "Passed" and "Failed" status will be always 1.

Just wanted to understand how this "except" function is working in the return statement?


@tanisha10 it is not clear from your reply if your problem is solved or not? Can you please clarify?


Read more about EXCEPT here.


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Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @tanisha10  Please try this measure.


Measure =
VAR Passed =
    FILTER ( Table1, Table1[Status] = "Passed" )
VAR Result =
    SUMX (
        VAR Team = [Team]
            IF (
                COUNTROWS (
                    FILTER ( Table1, Table1[Status] = "Failed" && Table1[Team] = Team )
                ) >= 1,


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@tanisha10 - As a variation on @parry2k I think you could just do this:


Measure = 
VAR __passedTeam = DISTINCT(SELECTCOLUMNS(FILTER('Table',[Status] = "Passed"),"Team",[Team]))
VAR __failedTeam = DISTINCT(SELECTCOLUMNS(FILTER('Table',[Status] = "Failed"),"Team",[Team]))
COUNTROWS ( EXCEPT ( __passedTeam, __failedTeam ) )


Basically the same was @parry2k . You get all of the team id's that have a status of passed anywhere. Same for failed. So, when you use EXCEPT, you filter out any teams that have a failed. Thus, you are left with only teams that have never failed and you count them.


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