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How to use Measure as Between Slicer

Hello Community. 


I need your help on this. I have a measure to gives a value 0 to 100. I would like to have a between slicer for that measure. and I want to have a score card to display count of Individual. The Score card and the measure to count is not a problem. I am havin hard time changing the measure to slicer. 




Any help? please 

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

What does the measure calculate ?

Is it possible to transform it to a calculated column ?

Amira Bedhiafi
Full Stack Business Intelligence Consultant @Capgemini

I have 3 Measures that uses WhatIf. I am required to have the total of those 3 Measures to be filtered by between Slicer. 


We can not transform it to calculated column since the measure is the total of those 3 whatIF measure. They want to play around with value of those Whatif measures.  


Selected different value from the WhatIF Slicers



Because of this, The Total forcast change depending on the selection. 


What they want is to see how many IDs fall in to catagories by changing the "Total Forcast" range. Like the following example






Hi, @TWorku 


You can try:

measure =
    FILTER (
        SUMMARIZE (
            ALL ( TABLE ),
            "F1", [Forecast 1],
            "F2", [Forecast 2],
            "F3", [Forecast 3],
            "Total", [Total Forecast]
        [Total] >= MIN ( table2[Total Forecast] )
            && [Total] <= MAX ( table2[Total Forecast] )

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Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey


I think you did not understand what I am lookin for. My goal is to find a way to use a measure as a Between Slicer. 

My table has ID numbers. Based on activity, each ID Numbers, get a value. 
Activity 1 has a default of 10

Activity 2 has a default of 30

Activity 3 has a default of 60


I Created 3 what if measures. because what if the user want to change the default value for each activities? 


Forcast 1 - it is for Activity 1 and the whatif range is from 5 to 15. Default = 10

Forcast 2 - it is for Activity 2 and the whatif range is from 25 to 35. Default = 30

Forcast 3 - it is for Activity 3 and the whatif range is from 45 to 60. Default = 60

I have Total Forcast Measure. it is a total of all the 3 forcasts.


So what I am requested is, to use Total Forcast Measure as a between slicer. user can use the default value or can select any of the option from the forcast slicers. the total also change as the slicers selection changes.

Thank you for taking time to help on this challenge 

Hi, @TWorku 


If so, I can only say that your idea is good, but there is no way to implement it at the moment.

Maybe you can try to create a new what if function, including the maximum and minimum values of your total measure, and then use it as the slicer, and then write a measure, so that the range selected in the slicer corresponds to the range of your total measure, maybe your needs can be achieved.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey
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Thank you

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

This cannot be done. Filters ( including slicers) have to come from existing tables, which are only updated at data refresh and not when measures are called.

Amira Bedhiafi
Full Stack Business Intelligence Consultant @Capgemini

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