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How to show correlations in matrix visual

Hi all


I have recently started using Power BI and have run into a road block I need help with.


I am making dashboards for the survey responses received, and some of the responses are being recorded in the following manner, where 1 0 represents the option selected in the form by the respondant,




The second step taken was to unpivot the columns, to have the question, response options in the form for that question, and the value recorded in separate columns, where 1 represents which option was selected. below is the screenshot:




Red is one question with all its response options under 'Answer' header, and 'Value' denotes which option had been selected and which was dropped.

sdf_id (first column) is the unique ID assigned to each individual survey form.


I want to create a matrix visual showing correlations between the Red and the Blue, where responses for 'Student's Occupation' are in the column and responses for 'Maximum salary spent on' in rows, similar to the table below: 




How can I solve this ? I guess each question and its answer should be in separate columns ? Jus thinking out loud. Would appreciate a guide to how can I make the correlation.


Hope I have been able to explain the problem and would appreciate a detailed solution to the above.


Also, is there a way where I can have separate colors for the column headers ?



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Well to split them in separate columns, You can use power query in a new column name 'answer 1' when question is equal a to "question 1 string" then answer else blank(), another column name 'answer2' when question is equal a to "question 2 string" then answer else blank(). Hope this will help you.

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