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Helper III
Helper III

How to read a file in a SharePoint site with OData and a federated login?

I've got a powerBI model created for me by someone else. It works just fine, and seems to have a OData connection to the complete SharePoint online (Tenancy?) sites with a federated login cookie etc. 

I want to modify it to read a specific file in one of those online SharePoint sites, but I can't work out the OData parameters. 

Haven't had much luck with the documentation eaither. 


I'm hoping to establish a connection, and get a list of available files in the site. 

From a working model

= OData.Feed("https://" & Domain & #"Search Site URL" & "/_api/search/query?querytext='ContentClass:STS_Site "&#"Site Path Filter"&"'&trimduplicates=false&rowlimit="&Text.From(ResultsPerPage)&"&rowsperpage="&Text.From(ResultsPerPage)&"", null, [Headers=[Cookie="FedAuth="&getFedAuthCookieValue()&""],Implementation="2.0"])


My hack:

     yooarl = "https://xxxxxxxx/_api/search/query",
    Source = (yooarl & "?querytext='ContentClass:STS_Site "&"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"& "'&trimduplicates=false&rowlimit=1"& "&rowsperpage=1"),

    SSource = OData.Feed(Source , [Headers=[Cookie="FedAuth="&getFedAuthCookieValue()&""],Implementation="2.0"])



Which just produces

Expression.Error: OData: The header with name 'Headers' has a value type 'Record' that is invalid. Only DateTime, Logical, Number, and Text are supported.


Any pointers? 


I forgot to mention that it's a federated login environment. 

These options don;t work

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