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How to get monthly sum from when there is an effective date and expiration date?

I need to get a monthly sum for the next three years. However, there is an effective date which is the start date and an expiration date. I need the total to populate according to the date range.


This is the current data:


Part #    Monthly Rate    EFFDT            EXPDT
01-02-1303    17.00    11/27/2018      --
01-02-3000    1,029.60    2/4/2019    5/4/2019


I would like to create a table that has a 12 month view and shows the monthly rates for the next three years.  The first part number does not have an expiration date. The second part number has a range. Below is how I would like the table to look like when completed.


Part #               Year        Jan            Feb             March            

01-02-1303     2019        17            17                17 

                        2020        17            17                17 

                        2021        17            17                 17 


01-02-3000      2019         0            1029.60    1029.60

                         2020         0               0                 0

                         2021         0               0                 0




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You may download my PBI file from here.


Hope this helps.



Ashish Mathur

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You may download my PBI file from here.


Hope this helps.



Ashish Mathur

Hi Ashish,


Thank you so much for your help. The file worked and I am now getting the results. The only issue I am having is that the month will not show in order. I went through your file and repeated the steps but I am afraid I am missing something. This is the result after I applied the steps shown within your file. Please let me know how to show the months in order. Thanks again.


 Updated Table.png




If my reply helped, please mark it as Answer.  Create a relationshipship from the Month column of the Calendar Table to the Month column of the Month Order Table.  In the Calendar Table, write the RELATED() function.  Click on any cell in the month column of the Calendar Table and go to Sort By > Month Order.  The months in the visual will now appear properly.

Ashish Mathur

Thank you !! It worked. I did not sort it which was causing the issue. Again, thank you so much for your help!

You are welcome.

Ashish Mathur
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I don't think your current data structure supports this. However, I think you can quickly create a date table with the three years you're interested in:


Date = CALENDAR(DATE(2019,1,1),DATE(2021,12,31))
And then cross join that with your current dataset (I put the two rows of data you provided into excel):
Cross Join = CROSSJOIN('Date',Sheet1)
Next, I created a "Rate" field to leverage your criteria:
Rate = IF ( AND('Cross Join'[Date] <= IF(ISBLANK('Cross Join'[EXPDT]),DATE(2099,1,1),'Cross Join'[EXPDT]), 'Cross Join'[Date] >= 'Cross Join'[EFFDT]),'Cross Join'[Monthly Rate],0)
I then created a "matrix" visual with Part # and Year of date on the rows, and Month of date on the columns. I filtered on the months you're interested (Jan- March). For the measure, I used the MAX(Rate) and the output looks like what you're expecting:
Not sure if this is the most efficient way to do this, but it's what I came up with. Let me know if this is helpful or works for you.
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Take a look at these two Quick Measures as I think you want something like them.


Perhaps also:


See if my Time Intelligence the Hard Way provides a different way of accomplishing what you are going for.

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