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Helper II
Helper II

How to display all the lines of a Matrix

Hi community,


Let me explain my issue with some example :


First of all, look at my table schema :




In a few words, we have companies, which have servers and these servers are containing one or more databases.


My goal, is to do a Matrix with three main line :


+ Company

    + Servers

         + Databases


2022-06-10 09_12_34-facturation_ge - Power BI Desktop.png




Here is an example with a company (with the expanded tab) which contains a bunch of servers. Everything works here.


The problem is that I have a bunch of servers, some containing a database and some not. When trying to expand a server, it does not show just an empty line if the server does not contain a database. When I click on a server to expand it, it will bold out all the servers and I can click only on those who are containing a database.


Like this :




On my new list, I have only the servers containing a database. However, I do not want this. I just want a list with all the servers and when expanding it, it just shows an empty line if a server does not contain a database and the database name if the server contains a database.


Hope that you understand my needs. Let me know.


Best regards,


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Quenjo ,

What you want is the below?



Could you pls  share a sample data you have.Remember to remove confidential data.



Best Regards


Hello @v-luwang-msft ,


Yes, what I want to have is like in your example. 


Let me do an example with sample data :


Company table :

Id : 000f65bf85c075009df60450c7656e7f

Company name : This is my company


Server table :

Id : 3b14da5d1b30309015a540498b4bcb45

Server Name : This is my server name

CompanyId : 000f65bf85c075009df60450c7656e7f


Database table :

Id : 4a1d82eedb57f7009a11681b06961959

Database name : A database name

ServerId : 3b14da5d1b30309015a540498b4bcb45


Now, every database is on a server, although a server could NOT have a database.


However, in my Matrix, when I click on the "+" button of the servers, it exapands the matrix only by showing the servers which have a database :





Like in my first example. Hope you understand what I want to achieve.


Best regards,



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