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How to deal with a "(BLANK)" value in a card visualization

My dashboard showed "(BLANK)" as the value in a card visualization - when I really wanted to see "0".


Is there a best practice to deal with this, or a simple way to adjust this?  


Here is my current solution.


Note: This does not seem to be a data type issue. The card is calling on a measure that is calculated as follows:


          Total CRs that have moved to P = CALCULATE([Total CRs - for calculations], 'Release_CRs_Systems (CRs Moved Only)'[Friendly System Name] = "P")


2) The data type for "Total CRs - for caculations" is "Whole Number" 

3) [Total CRs - for calculations] is a SUM function - type "Whole Number"




Create a new measure that evaluates [Total CRs that have moved to P] and uses IF(ISBLANK)



        IF( ISBLANK('Release_CRs_Systems (CRs Moved Only)'[Total CRs that have moved to P])
        , 0
        , ( 'Release_CRs_Systems (CRs Moved Only)'[Total CRs that have moved to P]))




Can anyone provide a more elegant solution?


+0 works very well for me!!



Helper I
Helper I

Im quite new to power bi. can you please help me here ?


I have a card which counts total values in column A. if if select specific values in slicer sometimes it comes up as (blank) instead of zero.


if i need to create Measure = expression + 0 - what should be under expression ? measure = sum(table[column A]) + 0 ? and how to apply it to the card when the measure is created ?


thank you

 Hi Misakkk,


Check this out...


Measure= IF(CALCULATE(count(column),column ="condition") >0,CALCULATE(count(column),column ="condition"),0)

Super clever!! tnx

Helper I
Helper I

Has someone created a suggestion to add functionality to the fields to add a 0 if blank? Creating a measure for every card is too excessive and limits functionality......

Here is a more popular one. There are many more ideas posted that are similar.

Add a New Measure. 

Assign your expression and " + 0 " at the end.


NewMeasure = Sum(Table_Name[Field_Name]) + 0

Hi @misakkk ,


Right click on the left side pane on any Field name and Click "Add New Measure".

Give a name to the measure. Ex: MsColumnA

Assign your expression and " + 0 " at the end.


MsColumnA = Sum(Table_Name[columnA]) + 0


Now your new measure will appear on the left side pane. 

Drag and drop it to the Card Field.


This one is really superb!

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