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Helper II

How to create a new date column from 2 dates with dynamic filtering



I'm trying to allow users to filter by a single date field to choose their selection.
The challenge I have is that I have 2 fields that I would like them to choose from, and would like one selection to force the other.


I have;

a. Policy Start date - Users to select on or before e.g. 01/07/2022
b. Expiry date (After) - This should be the same as the Policy start date


I would like one date field that they can choose from which allows them to filter on both using the logic above.

Below are some screen shots of my date filters as an example;




Also, the date selection I am giving to users for selecting their date for Policy Start date shows a before and after date.
Is it possible to just have the one date value that they can select from?

I'd appreciate it if anyone can let me know if they have managed to achieve this before, and if possible?

Many thanks

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what logic should the second date have? if I choose the first date, with what logic should I have the second date automatically? +/- nn days?

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Super User

Hi @dosania 

Can you please try slicer sync option and hide 2nd clicer from the selection pane

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Thanks @PijushRoy. I've tried using your suggestion to sync slicers, but those isn't working.

I'm trying to force the value of one slicer, by selecting the date of another.

Below is a screenshot of what I tried to do using your suggestion, but they're syncing.






Start date and expire data from same or different table
Date in slicer coming from Data table or from calender table
Can you please share your data model image

My previous comment will not work for your scenario.
May be you need to create sperate lookup table and create both way relationship but it depend on your data model



Start date and expire data are from the same table
The date in the slicer is coming from this same data table.


We don't have a calender table in our model, just using the source data.

The policy table that I am using that has this date information only joins to a transactional table.

I'm afraid I'm not able to share an image of the model

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