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How to create a Measure or Calculated column for End Of Month + 5 Workdays?

Hi everyone,


I have a date table, but don't know how to create a Ultimo + 5 Workdays calculation. Cannot add the whole table due to the quantity of columns, but some of the information is present, like Workday names. How to create a Measure or Calculated column for End Of Month + 5 Workdays?


Fiscal Year NoFiscal Year LabelFiscal Period NoFiscal Period LabelFiscal YearPeriod LabelFiscal YearPeriod Label Sort NoFiscal Quarter NoFiscal YearQuarter LabelFiscal YearQuarter Label Sort NoYear Week Day ISO8601Year No ISO8601Year Week ISO8601
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365261999-W52-619991999-W52
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365261999-W52-719991999-W52
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-120002000-W01
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-220002000-W01
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-320002000-W01
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-420002000-W01
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-520002000-W01
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-620002000-W01
2000FY004P04FY00 P04365262FY00 Q2365262000-W01-720002000-W01
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Super User

@tmyasoutov , If you need just sum/count of value based on today


calculate(Sum(Table[Value]), filter(Table, Table[Date]>= eomonth(Today(),0)  && Table[Date]<= eomonth(Today(),0) +5 ) ) )


Or  you can use selected date in place of today , prefer date table  


maxx(allselected(date), Date[Date])  

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