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How to compare data between two custom dates?

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Hi everyone,


I have been desperately looking for ways to compare data between two dates where the user can manually choose which dates.

It appears at the moment, powerBi doesn't support this feature. Google Analytics has a very compelling way of doing it where you can compare two date ranges at custom.


Say a promotion came out between Oct 24-30. I would like to compare it to another promotion available during Sept 4-10.

I would like the data to be portrayed within the same table to calculate its diff % ?

So the only thing i can think of is having obviously two slicers and cards representing the different metrics that are being evaluated. How can I then graph the results of two different date range into the same line graph?


Has anyone tried to the something similar and found a better solution?


Thank you!

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Re: How to compare data between two custom dates?

Hi @RogerSteinberg

I see your last post, you follow this article

However, when you add date column from "Date" table or "Previous date table" in the table visual along with "sessions" and  "previous sales" measures,all dates show.


I can reproduce your problem as above.

Based on test,

since "previous sales " use the relationship between "date" from "previous Date" table,

but there is no relationship between the "previous Date" table and your data table,

when "previous sales "is in the table, adding date column from "Date" table or "Previous date table" will return all dates.


Could you show an expected output table visual or other charts so i can work directly on this?


Best Reagrds







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Re: How to compare data between two custom dates?

Thank you @v-juanli-msft.


The expected output would be date on the x-axis and sessions on the y-axis in a line graph.


So if im comparing 20-21-22 oct 2018 to 10-11-12 aug 2018. I would like to see each day's session for the 6 days and therefore have two lines overlapping eachother.

Furthermore, I don't know if its possible, could it be possible to add the date on the first column, sessions on the second, and previous sales on the third column. On the first column all the dates are unionized as such :

10 aug,11 aug,12aug,10 oct,11 oct ,12 oct.
Unfortunately, I can't share any images, tables to my replies or posts. So its hard to show my expected output.

Thank you