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msolanki90 Frequent Visitor
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How to calculate cumulative normal distribution in Power BI/ SSDT tabular project



I have a requirement in my project where I have to replicate the cumulative NORM.DIST() Function of Excel in my tabular project.


e.g:- NORM.DIST(90,81,72,TRUE) -- This gives the cumulative normal distribution of the variable X which here is 90.


Currently, there is no built-in function that gives us this value and the mathematical formula for this isn't straightforward as it uses ERF and integration which again isn't present to use in SSDT or Power BI desktop.


Can you please help me as to how can I implement this? Please note I am talking about CUMULATIVE NORMAL DISTRIBUTION FUNCTION and not the probablity mass function.


Is there a way we can invoke excel function from the SSDT and return the result from excel back to SSDT? Or any other approach?