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How to Show Tags in % Format

Hello community,


I come up with an easy question: I'm trying to show the information inside a chart in percentaje but PBI only allows me to show the information in Units/Thousands/Millions, etc.


The 2 columns shows the information in numeric format with decimals and I use a normal Division "/" and with the formula DIVIDE offered as solution in the link below:


I guess it is really easy to solve but I'm missing something (also the search bar of the forum didn't offer me more solutions).


Thank you handsome gentlemen,

Dog Established Member
Established Member

Re: How to Show Tags in % Format



If you have created the measure through Power BI itself then you could format the output


TestMeasure = FORMAT(DIVIDE([Debit], [Credit]), "0%")

or high light the measure and select the Modeling tab - you can set the format there. 



or if you are using visual studio to manage your model then you can change the data type to Percentage. 


Hope this helps.